Paris 2017

In 2017 our sister business ‘bandcamp’ launched their first ever tour.  We took 22 regulars for a wonderful 4 days in Paris.  We made so many memories and friendships along the way and all of the children agreed it was an experience they would never forget.   Sharing your art with a different culture in a different land is a magical thing.

Tour Movie

In association with the wonderful Rayburn Tours we played a memorable concert inside Disneyland and 2 concerts in central Paris.  

We are indebted to the genorisity of our local community who helped support the trip and make it financially viable.  Pysrex Studios kindly supplied us with heavily reduced rehearsal time,  Nottingham Contemporary allowed us to use their facilities to fundraise for our tour shirts.  Shirty something gave us a generous discount on our tour merchandise and Elson and Hall printers in Long Eaton produced a banner for us for absolutely nothing and printed our course music.  The Indian Community Centre allowed to use their large space facilities for free and also hosted our end of course concert, they even provided us with 50 veggie samosas!  again, all for free.  Without the kindness of the community this tour would not be have happened.

Future tours are to be announced soon and are available for summer school students of senior school age.